Specific services in the production of laminated wood in support of customers

The long experience in the wood sector and the daily relationship with the professionals and companies that populate it has allowed us to offer a series of services in the production of laminated wood specifically designed to provide concrete support to the entire wooden window and door frame supply chain.

Long product

The possibility of being able to produce one-piece slats of laminated wood in long lengths, from 3 to 5 metres, offers many advantages:

  • no obligation to purchase volumes of lengths that are not of interest;
  • reduce manipulations, obtaining more pieces from a single slat;
  • greatly optimise logistics times and costs related to storage;
  • optimise waste, increasing yields, especially those related to lengths;
Legno lamellare tagliato su misura è uno dei servizi che forniamo

Custom-made product

The possibility of providing the laminated wood cut to size is a very advantageous service that makes it possible to:

  • receive material ready to be inserted into the moulding-plane, skipping the step of the cutting machine;
  • reduce costs related to internal logistics, including storage
  • avoid having a surplus of material in storage in types of wood that are not used regularly;
  • reduce financial exposure, with money used to purchase materials used occasionally;
  • know the exact purchase costs of the raw material, facilitating estimates;


We offer the possibility of temporarily storing the laminated wood produced or marketed according to customer needs.

We facilitate our customers’ logistics and ensure that they always have an adequate quantity of material available, avoiding stock outages.

Legno stockato, servizio di stockaggio
Legno lamellare e servizi

Special sections

We have the possibility of adapting the production of the laminated wood to special sections, created by listening to and studying the specific needs of the customer:

  • We offer sections that are oversized in both thickness and width, so as to adapt as much as possible to our customers’ preferences;
  • We create customised structures based on customer needs, such as drainer and sliding structures;
  • We offer the possibility of glueing slats of different types of wood to meet our customers’ technical needs such as thermal coefficiency, and the economic aspect, trying to propose a solution with a good quality/price ratio;
  • We create laminated wood with a specific selection of fibre based on customer needs.

Sawn timber service

We provide the service of the first transformation of the sawn timber in all the treated types of wood.

Delivery of slats in fixed widths, in volumes, in sections, in lengths and in the selection of the quality desired by the customer, in order to thus guarantee the homogeneity of the entire supply of goods.


The most suitable material for the creation of quality windows and doors

The laminated wood profiles, made by overlapping and glueing wooden slats of various thicknesses together, thanks to the uniform drying process  and the  composition of the structure according to the different needs  of the window and door manufacturers, guarantee  definite times and optimal performance  as well as  eco-sustainability,  guaranteed along the entire supply chain by specific certifications.

Legno lamellare e servizi

Gilardi, a reliable, structured and competent manufacturer, able to satisfy every specific need in the supply of laminated wood.