The production of laminated wood in the story of a family and of a company

Gilardi S.r.l.

If we consider the date our company began, 1950, today, we are in the third generation, and we can, therefore, rightly define ourselves as a historic company. At the same time, if we consider the transformation and renewal work that has taken place in recent years, we feel we are a young and innovative company.
The solid memory of the hardwood sawmill, very precious to us, today leaves room for a dynamic and flexible image. Today, Gilardi is a production company specialised in the glueing of laminated wood profiles intended for the window and door industry and handcrafted businesses. The force that pushed our “small-large” company to change is a futuristic vision; it is the profound passion for the raw material: “WOOD“.
Today, wood is considered one of the most sought-after building materials due to its characteristics of sustainability, warmth, aroma, beauty, robustness, ductility, and durability over time. Nature enters our homes, warms them, and furnishes them, and we work with passion and professionalism to ensure that it retains all its primary value.
Chi siamo: storia del legno lamellare
Chi siamo: storia del legno lamellare

Respect and work are our “frame” of reference!

Ready for export

We started with the production of laminated wood in a small municipality in the province of Turin. Today, on a commercial level, we continue to grow in volume and value on the foreign market, proving the quality of the work we have carried out and the service we have offered. The process of internationalisation that began many years ago has allowed us to reach a certain level of basic competence and preparation so that we are able to quickly and precisely satisfy the various requests coming from outside the national territory.
Chi siamo: storia del legno lamellare

Corporate plus

This growth and evolution in such a difficult moment rewards the operational philosophy of the Gilardi family, which through continuous and tenacious work pursues the following objectives:


Constant search for product quality.


Investments in state-of-the-art technologies and production plants


Operational flexibility, to respond quickly and effectively to customer needs


Service, understood as a prompt, targeted response to customer’s expectations.


The passion that fuels our work makes us more motivated every day to face continuous challenges.